I’m Moving to Chicago for an SEO Job

I am excited to say that I was given a great opportunity today to come work for a digital marketing agency in the Chicago area. I will be an SEO tech, so that means I will focus on performing audits on company websites and reporting back to the SEO manager on ways we can improve the website so it gets crawled better by Google.

Chicago SEO agencies typically work with larger companies so I am excited to see what companies I will work on. Hopefully, I will be able to work with clients such as Puma, Disney, or Lacoste. I have seen some of these companies on their our client’s page so I guess, I’ll just have to wait and see what projects they will give me.

I also know that I will have a lot more work ahead of me because I only typically work with smaller local businesses, like painting companies.

The city of Chicago is a great place to work in the SEO field. I have always heard good things about the city and the people who live there. I am excited to finally be able to experience it for myself. The weather will be a bit colder than what I am used to but that is something that I can adjust to. I am looking forward to exploring the city and finding new places to eat and visit.

I must try all the original foods like the Chicago deep dish pizza and chicago style hot dog. I have also been told that the city has great shopping so I am excited to go to all the different malls and shops.

I have already started to look for apartments in the Lincoln Park area and I have found a few that I like. I am hoping to find one close to public transportation so I can easily get around. I am also looking for an apartment that is pet-friendly as I have a cat that I would like to bring with me.

I am also a die hard Chicago Cubs fan. So, it will be nice to be able to go to Wrigley Field and watch a game in person. I have been a Cubs fan my whole life and it will be surreal to actually be able to see them play in person. Go Cubs Go!

I start my new job in two weeks and I cannot wait. I am excited for this new adventure that I am embarking on and I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Overall, I am extremely excited for this opportunity and I cannot wait to start my new job in Chicago. I am looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing all that the city has to offer. Wish me luck!

I will continue to post on this blog because I love helping out local businesses. I think they are the fuel for this economy and want to help out in any way that I can on the digital marketing side of things.

Be sure to continue to contact me.