3 Reasons SEO Can Significantly Increase Your Painting Business

As an owner of a painting business, you are likely well aware of how essential leads can be for it. After all, it would be best if you had consistent leads to generate jobs and sales. However, getting leads is easier said than done. Nowadays, more and more consumers than ever before are doing their buying research on the internet. Therefore, to get noticed, you need to be actively seen on Google. With 71.33 percent of searches resulting in a page one organic click, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your website is ranking as high as possible for buying keywords within your local marketplace [1]. Below, we will be going over how SEO can boost your painting business.

1. Reach Your Local Market

As a painting business, you want to reach local customers. With SEO, you can actively target those in and around your area. By choosing the right local keywords, you will be able to get your painting business’ website ranking as high as possible within your respective market.

2. Increase Your Bottom Line

To get a constant stream of leads to your business, you need to be active on a variety of marketing fronts. You should be actively investing in paid advertising. However, like any business, you don’t have an unlimited budget. By boosting your organic traffic through better SEO implementation, you should be able to reduce your marketing costs and your cost per customer acquisition. This can yield excellent results to improve your business’ bottom line.

3. Increase Awareness

By getting your website ranking as high as possible within your local market, you will be able to generate much more awareness in your brand and business. This alone is going to offer dramatic improvements in your ability to drive more leads because more people will know about the services you offer. In a painting business, the more points of contact you are able to make with people in your local market, the more likely you will be able to convert them into an actual customer at some point.

Overall, there are plenty of ways SEO can have a dramatic impact on your ability to bring in a constant stream of leads. More consumers than ever are using their favorite search engines to find the services they need. As a result, you need to invest time and money to maximize your SEO efforts to increase the potential for driving leads to your business.


[1] https://moz.com/blog/google-organic-click-through-rates-in-2014