A Much Needed Paint Refresh & Why I’m Moving From South Bend Indiana to Tampa Florida.

I recently got a job offer in South Bend, as a software developer so I will be moving there in the next several months. It has been fun up here, but I do think it is time for me to spread my wings. I have been going to Indiana University South Bend to finish my master’s in computer science and working at a media company here as well. It’s a smaller campus than the one in Bloomington, IN but I did like how all the classes were a lot smaller.

One of the projects I recently finished was getting my house painted. I decided to get both the inside and outside done to increase the value of my home. It was in dire need of some painting. Some of you, my friends, who read this blog have known that I have been wanting to get this done for some time now, but have been holding it off. Main reason being I wasn’t planning of selling for awhile, but since I now have a set in stone job I figured I could fit it into my budget.

Fresh repaint, just need to put up the shutters to make it pop.

Here is the finished project above. As you can see they did pretty nice. I was able to find some great south bend painters to tackle this job since I have no expertise in painting houses yet but it is something that I want to learn. I can paint images but when it comes to my home which everyone can see, I would much rather have someone else do the painting for me.

They did a great job and were fairly quick with the process as well. I will be sure to refer them to anyone of my friends if they are in need of painting their home.

Well that is all I have to say this time around. I will try to post more soon but may be a little busy since I will be packing and getting ready to make my move down to Tampa.