3 Keys to Starting a Painting Company Website

If you’re interested in starting a painting business website but you don’t know where to start, then you’re reading the right article. The truth is, it is possible to start a painting business with only a couple hundred dollars. Even though it is relatively cheap to start this business, you can potentially grow it into a multi-million dollar company. So, we will now look at the essential steps you need to take to get started.

1. Choose a Great Business Name

Firstly, you should come up with a name for your painting business and register your company. Once you’re located in the United States, it is very easy to register your company and it will only cost around $100 and take a couple of minutes of your time. In addition to registering your company, you should also purchase insurance. All you need to do is get a liability insurance plan for your company which will cost you around $100 per month and will allow you to legally and safely do painting jobs.

2. Find Deals on Tools

Next, you’ll need to get the tools you’ll need in order to start doing jobs. This includes paintbrushes, paint rollers, trays, paint, etc. Getting all of the tools can be quite expensive, however, there is an alternative that you can consider. One option is to hire a painting subcontractor to fulfill the painting jobs you get. This is basically another painting company that will actually do the painting with their own equipment and labor while only charging you a percentage of what you’re charging your customer. This should leave you with a 20 – 30% profit after every job. Now, this may be a good strategy to start off when you don’t have enough money to hire your own staff and tools, but once you start making money you can simply stop using the subcontractor and fulfill the job on your own with your own staff. This will help to drastically increase your profits.

3. Build a Website With a Great Design

Now, in order to actually start getting customers, you’ll need to do marketing. One great option is SEO where you create a website and use SEO so that it ranks at the top of Google. This can easily get you dozens of painting jobs every month. One of the ways I was able to get leads was by using a company that does web design. You can even do social media ads or even traditional advertising by using flyers and brochures to advertise your services.

To wrap things up, starting a painting business is very possible, no matter how much money you have. Once you start to grow and build up a good reputation, you’ll be able to get even more jobs through referrals and word of mouth.