Dry Cleaning Companies for Painters

Hey guys! Its been awhile since I last made a post on here since we have been busy this season. I know most of you all our painters who follow my blog so I wanted to make a quick shout out to a dry cleaning company you all should try out called Valet Laundry. Dry cleaners in Naperville usually have you drop off your clothing but Valet laundry will actually pickup your clothing and drop it back off at your house. My brother who paints uses them, so I also decided to give them a try. Overall I would say I like their business model of pick up and delivery. I usually don’t have much free time after work, so it saves me some time to just have them do my laundry.

If you want to try them out be sure to tell them about me. Maybe they will give me my next round of laundry pick up for free 🙂

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